Roof painting is an investment that is most certainly worth it

In general, roofs can last for a very long time. However, the longer they are exposed to the outside elements, the more damaged and worn out they become. There are several ways to help your roof cope and deal with these kinds of situations, and one of them would be to apply a fresh coat of paint on them. It may seem a bit expensive, but when done right, roof painting is an investment that is most certainly worth it.


Increase Your Roof’s Service Life

By hiring a professional roofing contractor who is knowledgeable with roof painting, you can be sure that your roof will have a fresh coat of pain and restore its pristine look. Aside from painting your roof, they can also repair any damaged area (e.g. repair broken shingles or tiles if any). Also, in case there is a leak on your roof or if the insulation is too weak, these roofing contractors can identify the damaged areas, repair them, and then paint the roof in order to make them look like new again. Doing this as part of your roof maintenance will be necessary if you want to make your roof last longer. While at it, you may want to talk to your contractor about using reflective paints, as these have properties that reflect away the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays and thereby helping to preserve your roof.

Energy Efficiency

Everybody wants to save on their electricity bills, and using the above mentioned reflective roof paints in your roof painting efforts can help to achieve this goal. With their reflective properties, these roof paints will be able to deflect the heat of the sun and thereby help to make the people inside the house or property feel much cooler. This can be achieved since the heat of the sun that goes into the house is reduced and therefore there is lesser need to turn your air conditioning units to full blast whenever you use it.

Improve Aesthetic Appeal of Your Roofs

Metal roofs over time will start to show some signs of ageing such as losing their vibrant color and showing signs of rust. In many cases where the damage is not so severe, these can be repaired with a little cleaning and a fresh new coat of paint. There are also new types of paints available in the market nowadays, and these contain pigments and chemical properties which help to fill the porous areas of the metal roof, thereby creating a smooth and protective finish all over.

If your roof is pretty aged and worn, then some roof restorations that include minor repairs and painting may be necessary. If you are in need of such services, please feel free to get in touch with us at Perthgutters on 0450 553 367 or leave a message in our contact page.